16/09/2016 – Baishe Kings-Swaishe Brapp Freestyle (2016)

Baishe Kings smash it on freestyle jam



For years thisyearinmusic has been saying that Baishe Kings are the future of UK Hip-Hop. So far this hasn’t quite come true. But who judges sales as a mark of success? We don’t! if you ever wanted to see the proof of their excellence, then all you need to do it watch the video below. Oh, be warned that it does get a bit esoteric, enigmatic and recondite.



Swaishe Brapp Freestyle is part of Brapp TV’s freestyle series and sees the Baishe Kings emerge from a barbershop and spit lyrics in a disused carpark for about three hundred seconds. What’s most impressive, apart from the sheer quality of the rhymes, is how easily, and effortlessly, they merge and interact with each other. Apart from a couple of hiccups, near the near the end, South London’s answer to the Wu-Tang deliver lyrics that are full of juxtaposition, pathos and poignancy. As usual the vocals are raspy and Tricky-esque, but given as they’re drinking throughout the video this is understandable.



The only downside to Swaishe Brapp Freestyle is that we are again scratching our collective heads and wondering when their debut album is drop. Yes they’ve released a slew of mixtapes and oods and sods albums to date, but that elusive studio debut is missing from their back catalogue. They clearly have the skills, given this vocal workout, and their beats are nigh on flawless, so I guess it’s just a matter of waiting. I just hope that that wait will have been worth it.















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