15/09/2016 – AM-EN-Utter Con (2016)

Falmouth’s AM-EN usher us into their dark, reverb drenched world. Better keep your arms in the ride at all times…



Lo-Fi duo AM-EN, Samuel Bedford and Jack Baker, have released their debut EP American Enthusiasm. Spread over seven songs is enough heartache, both the athos’s, pathos and bathos, and reverb laced music to give even the most cynical something to moan about.



Three Years kicks everything off with a massive garage rock guitar and echoy drums. As the song progresses tender verses are introduced, along with a middle eight that wouldn’t have been out of place at the Matrix. Stand out track Utter Con takes uses jaunty guitars and steady drumming to tell its tale of love, loss and rejection. The chorus is simply put “I know that we have so much for live for. I know that we have so much for live for. I know that we have so much for live for now”. Are they talking about a relationship break up, or a Romeo and Juliet pact? Let’s hope it’s the former…



Broken Wheel picks up the pace, but it’s business as usual. Clever guitar play and inventive drumming keep everything hurtling toward the logical conclusion. Pathetic does what it says on the tin. In thirty seconds AM-EN reduce you from a triple gold medal winner, to the perineal last placer.



What is really striking about AM-EN is, well, how they just like to play loud and frayed. I don’t mean frayed as in that American band that had that ‘hit’ with that song from that TV show, oh no, I mean in a everything feels like if you could grab it and give it a had pull the song would fall apart, and end up in a pile of string in front of you. Basically what I mean is that AM-EN stick to their musical convictions and are brave enough to release what they think sounds good, rather than trying to cater to the ‘masses’. Cheers lads, we appreciate!



American Enthusiasm is available now via download through AM-EN’s bandcamp or on limited cassettes released through Breakfast Records















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