14/09/2016 – Gangly-Holy Grounds (2016)

Gangly join the AMF Family



For about a year Gangly have kept us guessing. Guessing as to who they are and whether they’ll release another single. Luckily we now know the answer to both. Spoilers Alert – It’s a yes.



Let’s deal with the who’s who before we delve into the wonder that is Holy Grounds. The band consist of Sindri Már Sigfússon from Sin Fang, Úlfur Alexander Einarsson from Oyama and Jófríður Ákadóttir from Samaris. All made names for themselves in their native Iceland and mainland Europe and all craft music that merges post-rock, straight indie and pop to create something as magical as the landscapes they call home. This is exactly what Holy Grounds sounds likes, but everything has been ramped up and put through an ethereal NurtiBullet.



Holy Grounds opens with an eerie manipulated vocal before the verse kicks in. Ákadóttir sounds like Lorde fronting a laidback Salem, while Einarsson and Sigfússon show off their abilities at wonky post-pop. A delicious chorus kicks in, the world then slows down and blurs, then you realise this is what you’ve been missing all these months. It’s the kind of pop music that only Nordic’s can create. It is full of space and clever rhythms, but there is a melancholy longing to it that pulls at your psyche and gives it an immediacy that their peers can’t even begin to match. Sadly Holy Grounds has to end, but the slow barrage of beats, strings, synths and Ákadóttir’s to die for vocals make it a bitter sweet conclusion.



Gangly are a band to start to get excited about, but let hope that they don’t want another year before delivering their next slice of Post-Pop majesty!



Holy Ground is released through AMF Records now.















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