13/09/2016 – O. Chapman-Low (2016)

Welcome back O.Chapman, we’ve missed you!



We haven’t heard a lot from O. Chapman since a secret show at last year’s Mutations Festival and a gig at the Prince Albert in January. Part of me thought they’d call it quits and emerge with a new name and sound. Another part of me thought they’d done a Spinal Tap and we wouldn’t hear from them for eight years, but both of these thoughts were premature.



Instead of returning with an over produced single, we’ve got a rare insight into the creation process, as they’ve up loaded a demo. This is actually the best thing they could have done, as like in maths exams, they’ve left their workings in the margins.



Sounding like last year’s exquisite Art is Hard single Best Friend, Low is a chocked full of lo-fi harmonies, catchy riffs and delectable lyrics. The highlight is the middle eight which, personally speaking, could be extended forever and wouldn’t get boring.



Rumour has it there is more in the pipeline from this underrated and fascinating band.
















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