12/09/2016 – Sires-She’s into Me (2016)

Sires are into me, um, sorry, but you get the jist


Sires feel like more than a band. This is probably because their music has a pop immediacy that gets the melodies and choruses stuck in head on a first listen. It’s also probably that coming from Des Moines Iowa that they were removed from the big scenes of NY and LA that they could breath and experiment until they’d found their sound. And it’s probably that they are made of Ross Klemz, Graham Howland and Dylan Sires, who gives his name to the band. Their debut album Soul for Sale is released 21st October through Station 1 Records.



When asked what Soul for Sale was about Sires said ““I explored my seven deadly sins and turned them into pop songs. Each track was made with the intent of creating my own version of a hit song; hence Soul for Sale because it’s absolutely true. This album was made to be heard, and if I had a soul to sell, it’d be on Amazon.”



Soul for Sale was produced by Brandon Darner, he’s recently worked with Imagine Dragons, Holy White Hounds and Envy Corps, so expect it to sound classic and messy! Which is exactly how lead singles She’s into Me is. Massive shouty vocals, chugging guitars, pounding drums, a dollop of feedback and doused with a pop sheen. Sires recently said “The song is about using someone’s romantic interest to your advantage. It’s bare bones and primordial in nature, which is where the video came from. We wanted to make a video that was part horror and part teenage wet dream”



Sires sound like the Holloways if they’d only be listening listened to The Beatles and The Datsuns for a decade and decided to give it another go. She’s into Me is a fun romp through heartache and redemption. Yes its repetitive, yes its repetitive, yes its repetitive, yes its repetitive but that’s part of its charm.



Soul for Sale is released 21st October through Station 1 Records














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