10/09/2016 – Tess Conway-Aesthesia 1 (2016)

Tess Conway has the perfect answer to a rainy weekend. Pull the curtains, and crank up Aesthesia



Synthwave is has been trending over the last few months. Most notably because of the soundtrack to Netflix’s instant classic Stranger Things. The whole score that Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein created was as much an homage to the 1980’s as the show, but with contemporary production techniques and sounds.



Tess Conway isn’t new to the synthwave game, her 2013 Depth release on Phantasma Disques was an underground favourite. Her new single Aesthesia is in the vein of her early releases, but there is a propinquity to it that was missing in the past. Opening with a swath of wonky synths and vaporous bass fill the speakers. As Part 1 progresses it has a miasmic quality to it that is as addictive as it is virulent. Part 2 carries on in the same vibe, but everything is more ethereal.



There is a subtle euphoria that permeates Conway’s music. In other hands this would have sounded like a Slinky big room track from 1999 re-jiggled with synthwave stylings.














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