08/09/2016 – Kishi Bashi-Can’t Let Go, Juno (2016)

Kishi Bashi top trumps his previous two singles, and his peer on Can’t Let Go, Juno.



From the opening synth stabs, rising Oriental strings and laidback beat, Can’t Let Go, Juno, by multi-instrumentalist Kishi Bashi, gets your attention. Being the third single taken from his third album Sonderlust, Bashi would have to deliver something special.



Through the use of violin and vocal looping, along with conventional recording techniques and instruments, Bashi creates maelstroms of post-pop that swirl and lash about your ears. One moment he’s quietly whispering to you, the next he’s unleashed a wall of pop upon you. Basically this song is an all-conquering monsters and even when the pre chorus sounds like Sophie B. Hawkins’ Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover, it still sounds amazing and make Can’t Let Go, Juno get stuck in your head even more.



This shouldn’t be a surprise given that Bashi was a member of psych pop behemoths Of Montreal and the New Wave inspired Jupiter one. You can see elements of both bands, along with help of producer Christ Taylor, engineer Pat Dillion and drummer Matt Chamberlain they give Bashi’s music a delicious pop sheen.



Can’t Let Go, Juno is not only a massive slab of post-pop, but a statement of intent. Bashi has crafted a song that not only gets better with each listen, it does, but something that stands head and shoulders above his peers.




Sonderlust released 16th September through Joyful Noise Recordings














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