06/09/2016 – Sneaks-Red (2016)

Merge Records reissues Sneaks debut album Gymnastics. Cheers Merge!



Last year Washington DC’s Sneaks, AKA Eva Moolchan, released her debut album Gymnastics. It wasn’t a break through smash, but it did create some waves. Enough waves that Merge Records have decided to give it a reissue. This is great news as not only does it give people who heard it a chance to say “You need to get this album”, which you need to do, but it’s also a great excuse to write about an musician who not only pushes herself, but has fun doing it.



Speaking of how she writes her music Moolchan recently said “I was playing with how we use language and twisting the words of mundane slogans, ads, and repetitive symbols I was seeing while attending school” This definitely comes across in the lyrics of Red. Part of the time you get the impression that Moolchan is just putting words together that sound good, like Dylan in the 60’s, but then after hearing the scattershot single Red a few times you realise there is a cohesive theme and thread to them, like Dylan in the 60’s. Moolchan also said “The songs came together pretty fast, very tongue-in-cheek”. Again this is evident not just on Red, but throughout Gymnastics.



Musically Speaks takes the ideas of Post-Punk, but subverts it with a driving disco ethos that gives the whole piece a playful edge. In a weird way it’s like ESG covering The Fall. What is most striking is how minimal it all sounds, but given that Moolchan plays everything herself this is understandable.



Rumour has it that Gymnastics follow up it currently being written and recorded as we speak, so expect it early 2017. Given the power and playfulness of Gymnastics this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from Speaks!



Gymnastics is released digitally 9th September and physically 11th November through Merge Records















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