04/09/2016 – Yuki Kikuchi-I’ll Be Next To You (2016)

Yuki Kikuchi steps from behind the lens and delivers a slab of lo-fi pop perfection



Yuki Kikuchi’s new single I’ll Be Next To You is, well, a bit of alright. But considering that Kikuchi is a music journalist, photographer and artist it isn’t that hard to work out why. Kikuchi as he recently said of the his song writing process “I try hard to make something pure, even if people say it’s rough that comes from a person’s true feelings and not just that kind of technical skill or information gotten from outside somewhere”. This is definitely displayed on I’ll Be Next To You.



Through sparse lyrics I’ll Be Next To You is a touching and tender love letter to Kikuchi’s mother. Lyrics like “You forgot how to count the stars, Smile and say tomorrow is so far”, “You can not hear the wind song again today, So I’ll be your wind, And sing this song for you, You can sleep all day, While your life gets away” and “But you’ll see It’s true, I’ll be next to you” gets the message across without being schmaltzy.



The song is produced by lo-fi man of the moment Mac Demarco. As expected it’s full of his effortless languid slacker cool vibes. What Demarco really brings to the song is space. This space helps get Kikuchi’s themes across. But Kikuchi’s breezy guitar and delicate vocals are the real star of the show.



Given the strength of I’ll Be Next To You let’s hope there are more releases, and a long player, in the pipeline because Kikuchi’s honest and endearing song-writing warrants more releases.













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