03/09/2016 – The Ivory Orchids-Hijacked (2016)

The Ivory Orchids deliver on debut EP. More of the same please!



Picture the scene. You’re in high school and a guy says “Man. I’m bored. Let’s form a band. What can you play?” after a few moments of shock you reply “Um, guitar”. “Cool” the guy says “Come over to my house after school and we’ll jam”. The rest of the day is spent with a lethargy that only excitement and worry can bring. After school you go home pick up your guitar and head over to an unknown garage for a jam. Months, hours of practice and a few line-up changes, later, your debut EP is released upon the world.



Ok, ok, this isn’t how it happened, but it is in my mind. What we do know is that The Ivory Orchids met, and formed in a New Jersey high school with the intention to make music that they enjoyed and said something about their lives. Their debut self-titled EP does this perfectly. Throughout its twenty six minute duration, it incorporates US alt-rock, dream pop, post pop and lo-fi to create something that does feel pretty unique and individual.



This is exemplified on stand out track Hijacked. Opening with jaunty guitars and keyboards Hijacked is chocked full of hazy summer sun and enough woozy vocals “I was dreaming” is repeated during the outro like some mantra to stop you from having an afternoon siesta. The main event however is Greg Wudroff’s darting guitar riffs and subtle melodies. This under pins the whole track and makes it the tour de force it is.



Sounding like a mixture of Connan Mockasin and the Nap Eyes, The Ivory Orchids make woozy pop music that sway and drifts past you, like blossoms falling on a morning walk through an orchard.














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