02/09/2016 – Vlimmer-Zielschwund (2016)

Vlimmer shows us another slice into his psyche with EP IIIIII



Some bands think that releasing five EP’s is good going, but not Berlin’s Dark-Kraut Vlimmer. Oh no. Vlimmer is set on releasing a series, saga, chapter, call it what, of eighteen EP’s. Four have been released so far, and today sees the release of number five.



Like the previous volumes IIIII is full of dense productions, ambient drones, sinister melodies and an overall feeling of dread and malice that would make Tuliphead want to leave the room. But through this sea of fuggy Dark Gaze there is an overriding feeling of euphoria and positivity. Final track Rippenstiche is relativity poppy and up beat in its demeanour. The beat is as close to 4/4 that Vlimmer is filling to get and the synths and loops that pulsate underneath it all, fizz and zip about giving the piece a feeling of movement and flux.



Opening track Zielschwund gives off the impression of being moody and angsty, but like most teenagers it really isn’t. Once you get through the layers of black clothing, some faded due to too much wear and washing, you find an articulate and well balanced track underneath. Yes this isn’t Herb Alpert, but at the same time it isn’t the complex and introverted listen it first appears. Tentakelbau’s mind hook is a plinky plonky piano. Well plinky plonky in a Dario Argento kinda way. It’s so jarring against the rest of the track that is sets your teeth on edge, but like all great horrors you can’t turn it off. The longer it goes on the more and tension is racheted up until at the end you are glad that it’s over. If they wanted to make penalty shoot out’s a more horrifying experience this should be played at full volume from the PA system. Just to make sure everyone is paying attention…



Whether Vlimmer reaches his total of eighteen EP’s or not is irrelevant. He could have picked thirty or even fifty. The number isn’t important. What is important is that Vlimmer doesn’t want to play it safe. He’s set himself a herculean task, but as there isn’t a time frame it doesn’t matter when he gets it done. The only real problem is the consistence. So far volumes I-IIIII are strong and have showcased an artist who knows what he wants and, more importantly, how to do it. Encased in these EP’s is some of the more forward thinking, and at times, eerily beautiful music that has been released in recent times. Saying that volume IIIII is not only a high water mark of the series, but at Vlimmer’s career.



EP IIIII is released now through Black Jack Illuminist Records













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