31/08/2016 – Royal Air Force-Funky Spider (2016)

Royal Air Force take us on a high octane romp through the codes and conventions of 70’s cop shows soundtracks



One of the best things about music, is when you find a band you love, and then you realise that they also have a side project. This just happened. A few months ago I was exulting the virtues of Swiss jazz funk outfit Charles Bronson Moustache Defenders. If the name isn’t enough to want to check them out, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!? Um, yeah, anyway, I then find out that the bass player, Joe Moustache, is in a band called Royal Air Force.



Like with Charles Bronson Moustache Defenders Royal Air Force make a music that is steeped in the past. The 1970’s to be honest. Lead track Funky Spider sounds like an outtake from an episode of Starsky and Hutch, Kojack or a slew of cop shows. As Funky Spider starts out heroes have spied the villain and begin the chase. It’s all running on foot through busy streets/parks until the baddie steals a car. To keep up the heroes have to commandeer a car and the track picks up pace and tempo. After driving recklessly the villain crashes and then the chase starts off on foot again. Eventually he is cornered and after a slight scuffle he is arrested and brought in the questioning.



That’s it. This is a high octane romp through the codes and conventions of 70’s cop shows soundtracks. But don’t be deceived there is more than meets the eyes. The composition is complex and rewarding on repeat listens. There are subtle flourishes that at first you don’t notice, but on the third, and fifth listen, jump out and try and mug you at knife point. In a nutshell Lalo Schifrin would be proud!













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