30/08/2016 – Soft Hair-Lying Has to Stop (2016)

Connan Mockasin and La Priest team up for a skewed slice of delicious pop



Right, so this is happening then… Sam Dust AKA LA Priset or him from Late of the Pier has teamed up with Connan Mockasin, him from Connan and the Mockasins, to record an album. The self-titled album took five years to record and fits inbetween Mockasin’s debut Forever Dolphin Love and its follow up Caramel and Dust’s Late of the Pier classic Fantasy Black Channel and his LA Priest debut Inji.



If lead single Lying Has to Stop is anything to go by, then Soft Hair will be chocked full of retro synths, exotic instruments, ad-hoc time signatures, woozy vocals and tongue in cheek lyrics. The album was recorded in places that neither of Mockasin or Dust had used before. This gives the album another worldly vibe. What they are playing sounds like music you’ve heard before, but at the same time, you can’t pin point where what music or where it has come from.



Thanks to Soft Hair, this autumn looks set to be a more enjoyable and lurid place thanks to their bockety brand of ponderous pop.



Soft Hair is released on 28th October through Weird World













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