27/08/2016 – Thundercat-Bus in These Streets (2016)

Thundercat unleashes catchiest, and surrealist track to date



Surrealist pop just got a new anthem. Brainfeeder lynch pin Thundercat has unleached his new single, Bus in These Street, onto an unsuspecting world. This is the first new material Thundercat AKA Stephen Bruner, has released since last years The Beyond… Where the Giant Roam. And like that mini album it’s insanely listenable.



Over two minutes Bus in These Streets is full of playful basslines, heady melodies and a joyfulness that is lacking in most pop songs. But don’t let it’s fizzy vibe XXX you, the lyrics are a scathing attack on our societies obsession with social media and pointless updates. Anytime you’ve seen a post/tweet that saying “Had a burrito”, “Socks rule!” or the classic “FRAZZLES!!!!” and you rolled your eyes, this song is for you!



All in all Bus in the Streets sounds like something that would appear on Sesame Street warning children about the perils of technology and acting like a dick. As I listen to it for the, who knows, twelfth time I have muppets, fraggles and chickens dancing through my head. If that isn’t a great way to start a weekend, I don’t know what is!













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