26/08/2016 – DJ Yoda-Stranger Things Mixtape (2016)

Warning this post contains spoilers. The majority of the spoilers are for the tracks contained in the mixtape, rather than what happens in the excellent Stranger Things, but I can’t promise I won’t let something slip by accident.



For those of you who might not know Netflix’s series Stranger Things is pretty much the biggest thing going at the moment. The basic premise is in 1983 a twelve year old boy, Will Byers, goes missing on the way home after a mammoth game of Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone thinks he’s just run away, but his mum and friends think differently. In a nut shell its Super 8 meets Pan Labyrinth, with a load Spielberg, John Carpenter and Steven King thrown in for good measure. The soundtrack chocked full of 80’s hits and the original score is cool neon synthwave. Needless to say it lives up to the hype!



If this wasn’t enough DJ Yoda has now make a mixtape inspired by the series and, basically, all the films it references. Opening with a sample from the series when Jonathon says “We made you a mixtape” then samples of Mike showing Ele his toys, including Yoda. Over the next hour John Carpenter, John Williams, Toto, Dolly Parton, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, even though the time frame of the series and their releases doesn’t quite match up and of course the Clash. As the mix carries on your transported back to Hawkins and to the hunt for Will.



What makes Yoda’s Stranger Things Mixtape so enticing, and playable, is how he manages to evoke the sense of the series through using music from the period, snippets of dialogue and make it a lot of fun. Because in essence that is what the show it. Lots of subtle, and some blatantly obvious, pop cultural references that make us as audiences giggle with glee at the thought of the pay off!













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