24/08/2016 – Ocean Floor-7/9/14 (2016)

Ocean Floor pulls something special from his archive



Please forgive me, but this review might get transcendental and esoteric. These aren’t things I massively believe in, but given the subject matter, this is the way things might go. The reason for this disclaimer is that Bristol’s premier ambient merchant Ocean Floor released a new single, though its far more than that, a few months ago and it’s taken this long for to get my head around it to pen some words.



Simply titled 7/9/14 it consists of just under twenty minutes of swirling synths, fuggy drones, carefully crafted organs and no beats/percussion. In a nutshell it’s about as ambient and atmospheric you can get without having Brain Eno written on it. The sleeve notes are as sparse as the music itself, but it was recorded at The Islnd by Henry Liam Collins on 7/9/14, hence the name, as part of Noisseenoise. And that’s about it. We don’t know if this recording was part of a bigger performance, or something that Ocean Floor came up with before, or maybe after, a set. What we do know however is that this piece was recorded in one go, and possibly improvised too, and everything we hear is in real time.



Given all this information a standard review won’t really work for this one, so you understand my opening disclaimer. These are ethereal musings for a nocturnal meditation. I’m not saying you have to practice yoga positions or anything, but playing this when you are in a calm and complacent mood makes perfect sense, and if you’re like me, playing at night, with the lights on dim makes this music, and your surroundings, take on a different vibe. It turns into a place where the little people might venture, or if you remember Arthur Machen, then White People!



The real power of 7/9/14 is that after repeat listens it asks more questions than it answers. Why did this take so long to be released? Is this part of a larger, and more diverse piece? What was the audience reaction? Was this recorded for personal listening to test out a new piece of kit? When will the follow up to Jupiter be released? Overall though this doesn’t really matter as Ocean Floor has delivered another slice or ambient majesty that isn’t a single serving drone loop.















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