22/08/2016 – Acid Arab-Buzq Blues (2016)

Paris based Acid Arab look set to release one of the albums of the year



Acid Arab are a Paris based production duo, comprised of Guido Minisky and Herve Carvalho, who since 2012 have blurred the boundaries between countries, genres and cultures to make music that pulsates and throbs with malice and delight. After a first listen of lead single Buzq Blues it’s hard to work things out, but after a few dozen listens it all seamlessly merges into one cohesive four minute banger.



The most potent element in Buzq Blues is how the Eastern and Western elements gel, rather than sounding like a sound clash. Acid Arab recently said “we are fascinated by Eastern Music and its codes, such as complex rhythmic structures, which drive dancers into a trance, just like acid house does”



Rumour has it that Acid Arab’s studio is based in Entrepôt, the 10th Arrondissement, and that after they’re written a song they always play it out in a club that night. This idea of experimentation and test driving is refreshing, compare to some electronic artists and how long it takes for them to release their music. MIA and Aphex Twin we’re talking about you here…



After releasing a slew of EP’s and singles their debut album, Musique Du France, is due for release at the start of October. Giving their almost flawless back catalogue, and the sublime Buzq Blues, Musique De France looks set to be the electronic release of the year.



Musique Du France is released 7th October through Crammed Discs















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