20/08/2016 – Conformist-Komputer Jenerated (2016)

Michael Simmons AKA Conformist is back with his second album Lifestyle Bible. If it is anything like 2013’s debut Paid to Fake It, Lifestyle Bible will be critically acclaimed and further cement Simmons as a forward thinking electronic music producer.



Lifestyle Bible is composed of eight songs, each one being an example of Simmons’ layering production techniques and ad-hoc approach to composition. So far only Komputer Jenerated is only track released and it gives clear indications of Simmons’ artistic progression and what to expect from his second long player.



Komputer Jenerated sounds like a mixture of Paul Hardcastle, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Coldcut whilst being produced, and subsequently cut up, by Brion Gysin. As it skitters along samples, and motifs, appear and re-appear giving Komputer Jenerated a cohesive feel, while at the same time making it all sound idiosyncratic and totally playable!



Lifestyle Bible is releasing on 14th October through Consumer Cosumer Records















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