19/08/2016 – Loyle Carner-NO CD (2016)

If Loyle Carner and Rebel Kleff always worked together the world would be a better and catchier place!



OK, this might get gushy. Loyle Carner is basically my favorutie musician at the moment. So far he’s released five singles, one with the living legend Kate Tempest, and a six track mixtape. Out of these six releases there are thirteen tracks and I adore them all.



What Carner does, that most musicians find it hard to do, is to get over his point over quickly and make you feel what he is on about. After a few bars you get what the track is about, musically, and then after the first verse you know exactly what Carner is driving at. This is the same on new single No CD. After a massive Led Zep-esque guitar riff, Carner goes straight into the chorus “Oh please, We ain’t got no P’s, because we spent all our money on old CD’s. It’s like, On please, We ain’t got no P’s, because we spent all our money on old CD’s. We say, On please, We ain’t got no P’s, because we spent all our money on old CD’s. We got some old Jay-Z’s, some ODB’s, placed them up in perfect order, because of my OCD, won’t let me keep it.” I dare you to play this back-to-back and not get the chorus stuck in your head. After this intro the track puts it foot down and let’s rip. Backed by a huge beat and more classic guitar riffs. Then just when you thought you had the track worked out producer Rebel Kleff ups pops up. Kleff appears about half way through and drops some great verses, as well as the beats, that really tie the whole thing together. Now if the track and subject matter weren’t enough Carner and Kleff has delivered an amazing video too. In it Carner walks through a house and in every room different people are playing Rock Band along with No CD, again this is something I know about.



If Carner tried to write a song for me, he would never get it as spot on as No CD. This is something I know all about. When I younger I’d rather buy music then go out on a Saturday night. When I was at uni I went without food to buy records and books. And as an adult I’ve gone without holidays and new work clothes to get that must have item. Things have changed a bit now, but still this song strikes a chord with me like few every have.




Rumour has it that Carner is working on his debut long player and if his six previous releases are anything to go by it’s going to be a greatest UK Hip-Hop album not just in recent years, but ever!



No CD is out now being released through AMF Records















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