15/08/2016 – La Femme- Ou va Le Monde (2016)

Neo-Yé-Yé band La Femme have the summer in their hand, oh and you’re there too


We’re getting into silly season now. Bands left right and centre are releasing their biggest and catchiest songs in an attempt to get you to buy their releases and see them at all the festivals they play. The latest band to win us over are Paris’ La Femme.



Sounding like, well, not much else La Femme combine, then whisk pop, surf, psych, chanson, electro, hip-hop in to a neo-Yé-Yé that has the ability to make you smile and dance at the same time. This year they have released the exquisite, sublime and bizarre singles Sphynx and Où va le Monde. Each one not only showcase their skill for melody, but also for their disdain for playing it safe. Sphynx sounds and feels like a lurid freakout dream sequence from a Jodorowsky film. The psych disco beat keeps everything moving forward, to what feels like impending doom, while delicate vocals charming synths hint at a light at the end of the tunnel. Où va le Monde on the other hand feels like the lightest, brightest and poppiest thing, all warpped up with a delicious beat and warming vocals. At times it’s hard to fathom that the same band made both tracks and they appear on the same album.



The album they appear on is called Mystere, an apt name if ever we heard one, and it out on Disque Pointu on September 2nd. Mystere is chocked full of fifteen songs that fit in perfectly between Où va le Monde and Sphinx. Everyone here at thisyearinmusic likes to think of ourselves as people who don’t give out spoilers, but all we will say is that you’ll want to stick around for the final track Vagues….



Mystere is released on 2nd September through Disque Pointu















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