14/08/2016 – Noise Funeral-About a Girl (2016)

It appears that if you want to be in a band at the moment you need to have a cover in your arsenal. Nirvana had Leadbelly. Adele has Dylan. Dylan has Sinatra and now Noise Funeral have, well, five.



What is great about this EP is how lo-fi and ad-hoc it is. At times it rounds about as ropey as you can get, out of tune, bum notes and distortion. However at other times it sounds like the best thing ever, out of tune, bum notes and distortion. Noise Funeral have really tapped into what the songs are about and exploited that on every track. About a Girl, in its original form, is a heavy, feed backing rocker about, well, a girl. This is all carried over in their cover. Like the original its catchy as hell and like the original there are part when you think the whole thing will fall over and make a mess on the floor. The same is true for Paranoid. The Black Sabbath original is a total monster of a track. Its loud and proud and so is Noise Funeral’s. Coming out of the blocks at a hundred miles a hour, and not letting up for a second, this is one of the stand out moments on the EP.



As the title says Organ Covers. I you don’t like celestial sounds organs, maybe give this a miss, but if you have a soft spot of kooky covers, Russian organs and anything kitsch this  is for you!















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