13/08/2016 – Mausoleums-Tiki Mask (2016)

Newcastle’s Kane Dare Records and Mausoleum’s release an EP full of dark electro and brooding basslines



Synth wave, dark electro, lucid pop and witch house are growing in popularity by the day. Labels like Rain Dragon and Retro Promenade have been releasing quality release after quality release for a few years now. There is something about massive synths, dark basslines and a retro sheen that makes everyone here at thisyearinmusic smile.



An EP that has defintley made us smile today is Mausoleum- Mausoleums. This six track banger is chocked full of everything we love, and have already mentioned. Tiki Mask kicks things off in fine form. An synth welcomes up, before slightly freaking us out a bit with eerie motifs and phases. Just after the beat kicks in a cryptic lyric of “When they see me right behind you, When they see me I disguise you” accompanies the music as it swells and pulsates. Five opens with driving bassline, squelchy tweeks and an unrelenting beat that makes the Eastern Bloc look like Butlins!



Sounding like Kraftwerk being covered by John Carpenter, Mausoleums manage to capture brooding intensity of Carpenter’s films, while never losing sight on a deviantly  simple rhythm. This is the music working out montages, spring cleaning and saving humanity from supernatural annihilation!
















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