12/08/2016-Hunck-All Dressed Up (2016)

Hunck unveil their latest opus. This time romance is on the agenda!



Love is hard to find. Some people think you bump into when you least expect it. Some think it can’t be bought and others think it can. I have no idea about where London’s avant-pop group Hunck think it comes from, but thanks to their new single All Dressed Up we know what they’ll do when they find it. Basically take it out and show it a good time!



Like their songs the video for All Dressed Up is a skewed take on the genre. Instead of the classic “band-performing-while-stuff-happens-around-them” Hunck have chosen to channel their inner Frank Sidebottom. Fred and Thom are the stars of the video. Fred getting all dressed up, then waiting around watching Japanese TV, while Thom stars on the TV then delivers an incendiary solo.



As with all Hunck songs, and this is no disrespect to the music, the lyrics are the main event. Fred’s deadpan, tongue in cheek delivery makes these words of love even more devastating! “If only she would look my way, A thousands suns would melt away, today” and “I’m gonna take a chance and ask, if I can take her out to dance, tonight” sum the song, and the band up perfectly!















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