11/08/2016 – JP Moregun-English Channel (2016)

Forget Suicide Squad, Jeremiah Jae and PBDY team up for only super group you need this summer!



I‘m not going to lie, the JP Moregun mixtape is a match made in heaven. Jeremiah Jae has released some of the most forward thinking and ground breaking Hip-Hop in recent years and PBDY’s beats, not to mention his We Are Tar label, have soundtrack more time in recent years than I care to remember. Now they’ve joined forces and the results are beyond flawless!



Honey I’m Home opens with a delicate sample that ends up being glitched to the Nth degree while a tight beat and Sopranos sample tells you everything you need to know about this mixtape. It sounds ace, will feature musical samples you won’t know and is loaded with more pop cultural references than an episode of QI! Millions Bucks samples the Sonics The Witch while Jae laconically drawls all over it, like only he can.



The stand out track is the English Channel. On this JP Moregun put their foot down and show us not only what they are made of, but what Hip-Hop should be in 2016. As the title suggests the lyrics drawn heavily on Jae’s time in the UK, and by the sound of it he watched a lot of BBC and Channel 5. But again its thanks to PBDY’s production allows Jae to shine. This time its French pop music that gets chopped and mangled into strange and unexpected territories!



PBDY’s productions feature samples of songs that on their own would make up your new favourite playlist, but being chopping, layered with film snippets, some incredible beats and Jae’s lucid abstracted lyrics they become something greater than the sum of their parts. You could spend the rest of the summer dissecting and analysing this mixtape, and I probably will, but you’ll miss the beauty and simplicity of it.



JP Moregun is the antidote to Hip-Hop that says nothing other than how wealthy and well-endowed it is. This is the sound of music being made for the sheer thrill and enjoyment of making it. Let’s hope the JP Moregun II won’t be too long in the offing. But as they say never look back, this is the winning seat!













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