10/08/2016 – All Tvvins-These 4 Words (2016)

All Tvvins are getting ramped and pumped to release their debut long player



Lar Kaye and Conor Adams have more musical experience than their youthful faces show. Both have cut their teeth in multiple bands, Kaye in post-rock Adebisi Shank and Adams the singer in Math-rock group Cast of Cheers, before they decided to join forces and try and take over the world. Looking at their previous bands it’s almost unfathomable that they are now in an indie-pop that makes big bright and bold pop bangers, rather than the unfathomably complex and intricate post-math bands that they originally found themselves in.



Their debut album IIVV is set for release through Warners on 12th August. Given the previous six singles, Thanks You, Too Young to Live, Darkest Ocean the most recent being These 4 Words, it looks set to be a full of songs that sings about the darker side of relationships, but also hint at things do get better and all you need is a little faith and self-belief to make it happen, whilst being covered in glitter and Day-Glo paint.



These 4 Words kicks off with a bright and breeze beat and loops, this is easily the most POP thing they’ve release to date. The chorus has that rising euphoric thing that is really popular at the moment and the music sounds immediate, like you can only enjoy it for a split second then it’s gone into the ether, you know like snowflakes and a good laugh. There isn’t really much going at the moment on that deviates from the verse-chorus-verse formula, but that’s all pop music is right? And that’s why pop music is fun, right? Because of the lack of change and happy-go-lucky under currnet. Harold Pinter to music this ain’t!


Expect All Tvvins IIVV to soundtrack all your shopping experiences, cocktail excursions, walks along and beach and BBQ’s. Basically this album has the capacity to be everywhere, all the time! I just hope you don’t get bored of it, otherwise it’ll be a very long summer indeed…















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