09/08/2016 – Gonjasufi-The Kill (2016)

Gonjasufi is set to release third album in six years



Sumach Ecks AKA Gonjasufi first appeared on the scene seven years with the single Holidays/Candylane. Since then he’s released two genre defining albums, a slew of singles and a remix album. Now Ecks is about to release his third album CALLUS, and as A Sufi and A Killer and MU.ZZ.LE showcased it contains the contents of his psyche DJ box.



New double A-Side single The Kill/Prints of Sin is a slow burner filled with searing guitar solos, luscious string sections, ad-hoc electronics, tight drum loops and Ecks trademark distorted stream of consciousness vocals. Both songs book end each other perfectly. The Kill opens with angry drums and soothing synths, until Ecks starts to deliver poignant lyrics after poignant lyrics. As The Kill progresses it gets slower and more abstract until it segues in to Prints of Sin. Kicking off with a bubble of electronics and following with this blueprint until its warped outro. Both songs complement each other perfectly showcase Ecks eclectic personality.



CALLUS was written and recorded over a four year period. The themes and topics make it Ecks’ most honest and purifying album to date. It goes to show that even when you are angry and hurt you can turn that to create something positive and beautiful.



Callus is released on Warp Records on 19th August















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  1. Yes, my bias is clearly showing. while the background (I hesitate to call it music) might have been intriguing, the static 9yes, i know it was done on purpose) ruined the effect. And, the lyrics? Not since Louie, Louie have they been as obfuscatory.

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