04/08/2016 – Oro Swimming Hour-Marshmellow (2016)

Oliver Wilde and Nicholas Stevenson team up and make our lurid dreams come true



When musician’s you like get together to be create it can either be a car crash, Weezer and Lil’ Wayne, or a match made in heaven, Jack White and the Insane Clown Posse. Luckily Oro Swimming Hour is the latter. Oro Swimming Hour is made up of Oliver Wilde and Nicholas Stevenson, him from Lucky Shivers and Red Kite fame. As expect the music is delicious hazy pop with a skew-whiff harmonies.



So far seven songs have appeared in the past 24 hours via their soundcloud page. These song run the gambit between barebones demos, Alice Trappings, and fully formed psych pop masterpieces like Big Dipper. Lyrically, at times, it’s hard to get what Wilde and Stevenson are singing about as the lyrics are quite abstract in places, like all good music should be, but ultimately the songs are about love, loss, redemption and being young in 2016.



The stand out track is Marshmellow. At ninety seconds long it’s the shortest of the seven. As with previous Wilde releases Marshmellow is another slice of woozy wonky bubble-gum pop. Melodies swirl around you like eddies of wind on a beach. At times you feel them passing through you, but a moment later they’re just ruffling your clothes.



Given the speed in which these initial seven songs have appeared, let’s hope there is more in the vault and even a long player somewhere down the line…















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  1. Being young in 2016 – I’m ALL about that. I hope I can find this here in SA.

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