03/08/2016 – Mild High Club-Skiptracing (2016)

Mild High Club return with a slab of smoooooth 1970’s inspired indie pop!



Last year Mild High Club appeared on the scene with more than a great pun band name. They delivered a debut album, Timeline, that packed a woozy MOR punch in just under twenty eight minutes. Now they’re returned with a new single and album, both called Skiptracing. The single is another slab of wonky pop with smooth indie jazz leanings.



On Skiptracing Mild High Club sound like a version of American pop-rock from the 1970’s. A time when radio was king and all you needed to do for a good time was drive into the never ending horizon while tuned into AM radio. This isn’t that far from the aim of the album. Singer Alexander Brettin sums it up thus “The album’s story arc is that of a private investigator attempting to trace the steps of the sound and the spirit of American music.” Listening to Skiptracing you can see that it’s all there. Massive hooks, faux-lounge chords, tight drumming, vocals laced in reverb, jazz leanings  and a load of a cowbell!



Ultimately Skiptracing sounds like Connan Mockasin covering Steely Dan, with a hint of the theme from Tales of the Unexpected thrown in for fun. Now if this final endorsement isn’t enough to get you to check it out, nothing will be!















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