02/08/2016 – Weird Siblings-Oliver (2016)

Weird Siblings are your antidote to over produced songs that say nothing



When a band breaks up you always wait with baited breath about what they’re going to do next. This is exactly how I felt when Tyrannosaurus Dead called it a day. Luckily singer Eleanor Rudge continued with The Hundredth Anniversary. They are poised to release their fantastic debut album later this year. Singer Songwriter Billy Lowe has been musically quite since the break-up, but now he’s re-emerged with a new project and it is well worth the wait!



Weird Siblings sees Lowe teaming up with Rudge again, but this time it’s stripped back and pretty lo-fi. In April they released the Weird Siblings EP. This was four tracks full of internal musings about the world, love, heartache, basically it’s everything we’ve come to expect. Now they’ve released the Oh Dear EP. Again it’s more of the same, but there is a verve and bounce that was missing from their debut. As with their debut it was “Recorded over a weekend in June at Eleanor’s house”. Oliver is the standout track with its keyboard’s and jaunty guitar and thought provoking lyrics. “And I thought about our friends, in ways you never liked, and I lied about the time, That I stayed out all night”. This ramshackle recording is one of the EP’s best features. There is an urgency that draws you in. When you are lost in their music, with you will be after repeat listens, you’d be forgiven firstly that they are in the other room and secondly they’re just playing for you.



While Weird Siblings aren’t as visceral or frenetic as Tyrannosaurus Dead they are the flipside to that coin. The songs still contain the same confessional songwriter that made the former get lodged in your head. Lyrics like “Being wrong ain’t really that hard to do, you just listen to someone much louder than you” sum this up perfectly. And it’s just great to hear Lowe and Rudge singing new songs together. I, and I know I speak for all of you here, hope that it isn’t long before we have a long player to cherish and get obsessed over, like we did with T-Dead and The Hundredth Anniversary.













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