29/07/2016 – Massa Confusa-Descension (2016)

Massa Confusa team up with the best vocalist you don’t know



Once upon a time there was a band call Retriever. They released some exceptional singles and EP’s and then, just when they looked set to release their long waited debut long player they called it a day. I’m not going to lie, it was a dark day. But now their lead singer, Jackie Purver, has teamed up with Massa Confusa to release a single that packs a musical and lyrical punch.



The opening sounds like a funky version of Kasabian’s 2009 single Underdog, but before it all kicks off like a night out in Wetherspoons, Massa Confusa bring things down a bit, thanks to some clever call and response vocals with Purver. Descension then follows this pattern until it’s gradually ends. The real star show however are the lyrics. “You’re a sceptic, I’m robotic”, “You’re neurotic, Yes You’ve got it” and “You’re hallucinate, Supersonic ” it’s an updated version of Spiritualized I Think I’m In Love, but you know, funnier and less lovey dovey.



Rumour has it that Massa Confusa should be releasing another album by the end of the year, which should be a high water mark of 2016. But let’s hope this gives Purver the impetuous and desire to get back in the studio and deliver another slice of forward thinking post-punk.















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  1. These are all new performers to me. I really enjoyed that song and the background information. Thank you, Nick!

  2. Anna Jeanine said:

    LOL! I liked the humor. Music wasn’t bad, either. It reminds of a restaurant I used to go to that often had a band playing on Friday nights.

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