28/07/2016 – Silver Waves-V (2016)

Silver Waves do the unthinkable and out noise themselves



Silver Waves, AKA Dylan Mallett, is not for mass consumption. If Mallett was, he’d make inoffensive pop music that is catchy, but ultimately means nothing. But he doesn’t want to, so he’s chosen a different path. This patch is rather uneven and at time is covered with grass, pebbles and brambles. It’s the kind of path you’d only take if you have a curious mind and wanted to know where it went, and had the time to find out.



Over the past few years Mallett has released a couple of EP’s, on a couple of labels, that showcase his brand of experimental symphonies. They’ve raged from full on gabba workouts, to delicate tone operas, all wrapped up in a blanket of feedback and distortion. Now he’s returned with his third EP, imaginatively titled EP3, which takes his ideas of how much is too much to another level. Consisting of just two song V and VI, EP3 opens to what sounds like Velcro being ripped apart then reverbed, manipulated and screamed over while droney electronics vie for your attention. Bass stabs and break beats pepper V, all the while an overriding feeling of unease permeates throughout, until its exquisite outro. VI opens with a barrage of blast beats and cut up vocals. It’s abrasive and lets you know that V wasn’t a one off! During its eight minute duration you are taken on a journey through avenues of dark lurid soundscapes and inescapable cacophonous maelstroms.



After a first listen it all just sounds like noise. Not even organised noise, but a load of sounds shoved together, compressed then a load more of unrelated beats thrust underneath. However after a few listens you realise that there is a method to the madness and everything carefully plays off each other with glorious counterpoints. Granted this isn’t an easy listen, and at times it’s not even that enjoyable, but that’s not the point. The point is that EP3 is about as experimental and visceral as you’re likely to find and when it does work it’s transfixing and fantastic. Oh the EP also contain remixes from Ossia and Giant Swan. And I’m sure you can guess how that goes… So what are you waiting for? Well go on then. Click the link and buy this slab of experimental majesty!



EP3 is available now through Howling Owl Records/Portals Editions















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