26/07/2016 – HEYROCCO-Yeah (2016)

HEYROCCO just brought it….



Coming out of the traps at 100 miles an hour, HEYROCCO’s new track Yeah sounds like the personification of the teenage dream. Fast guitars, illegible vocals and incendiary drumming makes this two and a half minute belter melt into you psyche, faster than a Cornetto on a sun drenched pavement.



Whilst listening to it you can pick out references points including a punk intensity, Beach Boys melodies, a smidge of garage rock circa 2000-2003 all under an indie pop umbrella. It’s almost like Anarchy in the UK was covered by The Distillers, which was then covered by The Parrots, at their most visceral and lo-fi, while your best mate sings long and makes new lyrics in the car after a day of being day drunk and reading Generation X. This all probably stems from it being produced by Brendan Benson, yeah, it all makes sense now right?



Despite all its bravado and teenage ferocity, Yeah is actually full of tender lyrics that blight growing up in a world where the youth are never really listened to, despite it’s their future that is being affected by decisions that people old enough to know better are making. The lyrics also manage to evoke Voltare, whilst being catchy as hell “It’s never gonna go away, but everything will be ok, When everything says the same, I go insane”.















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  1. Anna Jeanine said:

    All the elements you describe do make it perfect for teenagers, but less so for old fogies like me. 🙂

  2. Interesting music. I liked it more than I anticipated. Today, that is how I feel, too. No one really understands. And I’m old, lol.

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