22/07/2016 – Coosbay-Lover (2016)

Coosbay return after a six months break with a new hint at their woozy psych future



In January I stumbled a new band. It wasn’t at a gig, nor was it through a recommendation, I found them the old fashioned way by digging and following leads, man I sound like a detective/Batman, and eventually I found Coosbay. I was blow away by their scope and sound. Now they’ve returned with new song Lover.



This southern psych pop group make a laid back woozy sound that, as I said in January, is full of  luscious harmonies, sparse production, questioning lyrics its captivated me like little else has recently. Luckily Lover is more of the same. But this time the scope and scale of their ambitions is much, much larger. At four minutes long Lover slowly twists and skews itself along. Laidback guitars, sounding somewhere between Pink Floyd a-la Dark Side and Manchester’s early 2000’s indie psychers Orange Can, but with the vocals sounding more like Robert Harvey, him from the Music, than before. This works wonderfully well as in frontman George, they have a guitarist and vocalist who knows what he wants to do and more importantly how to do it.



While listening to Lover I’m reminded of the TV show Bored to Death. Coosbay would be the perfect addition to the much rumoured feature length episode/TV Movie. Throughout the series they have always picked quirky forward thinking indie rock, and this is exactly what Coosbay are. Live Coosbay are incendiary, and recorded they answer more questions than they ask. It can only be time before they put out an EP. But until then Why Do I and Lover will do us fine!















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