18/07/2016 – Cool Ghouls-Days (2016)

Cool Ghouls return, but this time they have more fire in their collective bellies



When listen to San Francisco’s Cool Ghouls it’s hard not to think of The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and a whole slew of one single Nuggets band. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t just tapping in to the past because it’s popular and trending.



As frontman Paul McDonald recently said “San Francisco has always been great and hopefully always will be but these days there are things we despise. The lifestyle The Bay once afforded artists has been decimated. This gold-rush of the tech industry is forcing prices up and it’s been a flood of bullshit. Some people are being forcibly displaced, others are disheartened and leave by choice. Our song ‘Never You Mind’ is a reminder to the creative community not to roll over. San Francisco isn’t dead until you let it die in your heart.” So it appears that on their third album, Animals Races, Cool Ghouls have come out fighting. You’d be forgiven, after listening to the comeback track Days that they’ve just released a song full of sunshine and blissed out optimism.



On comeback track Days opens a rhythmic strum of an acoustic guitar before a piano and drums kick in. Imagine a slowed down version of the Velvet Underground classic I’m Waiting for the Man, but with a slight Northern Soul vibe. As the music slowly meanders and chugs along, McDonald’s lyrics get more scathing and biting. “Another day, same as before, and the morning through your window, sheds no light on your door. What’s the use when all you get are days, another gone, another coming yet”.



If this is a sneak peak of Animal Races then we are in for a treat and a response to sugary summer pop songs that won’t keep you warm then the sun goes down.



Animal Races is released 19th August through Melodic
















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  1. Emma said:

    Interesting review. I’ve never heard of this band so thank you for the introduction. Their music definitely takes me back.
    I’ll know to visit your blog when I want to discover new music. Keep being awesome!

  2. Anna Jeanine said:

    Oh my goodness! What an album cover.

      • Anna Jeanine said:

        I kinda liked it!

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