17/07/2016 – Ledger-Save the Clocktower (2016)

1990’s punk attitude + 2016 styling / social commentary = Ledger



New Jersey has a rich musical heritage. Looking back over the ages and you’ll seen names like Count Basie, Bill Evans, Wyclef Jean, Les Paul, Frankie Valli, Nelson Riddle, Whitney Houston and a certain Mr. Bruce Fredrick Joseph Springsteen all hailing from the state.



Now a new name has been thrown in the ring, Ledger. This trio, consisting of Ed McWilliams on bass and vocals, Chris Bryson on drums and Mark Holdcraft on guitar and vocals, make a form of punk music that lies heavily with an early 1990’s American methodology. Think Green Day/Offspring/Social Distortion/bink-182 and you’re on the right lines. The guitars are heavy and distorted, the drums are fast and the vocals are guttural and snide. It’s basically what you want!



Ledger make music that is fun at heart. They’ve tapped into the playfulness that the early 90’s American scene had, but there are flourishes of social commentary that show that all is not well in 2016. The lyrics to Save the Clock Tower are basically a re-telling of Back to the Future. Through understanding the codes and conventions of the punk genre, and being able to reduce a tow hour film to just under four minutes, they’ve produced something that is as catchy as it is clever. Yes there are flaws, but we’ll just put these down to it being their debut EP and lo-fi recording. However these imperfections are endearing, like the early Ramones and Green Day albums were, as when they hit a blip instead of worrying about it they just carry on. This is the punk way. As the old adage says “Two chords is punk, three chords is jazz”. And this is definitely punk!
















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