14/07/2016 – Charles Bronson Moustache Defenders-Odissey (2016)

Switzerland’s Charles Bronson Moustache Defenders return and show they can do it in the studio



A few months ago we showcased a live EP from a Swiss jazz group called Charles Bronson Moustache Defenders. We originally said “The band are tight, but there is an element of freedom to the playing. They all know their roles, but they are also aware that if they wanted to they could go off on ones and the rest of the band would carry the tune until they decided to come back to the fold.” Needless to say we loved it.



Now they have returned and instead of another slew of live tracks, they’ve opted for two studio recordings. Odissey is a serene gentle, almost cool jazz, number. It’s the sound of a lazy afternoon on holiday not doing very much. As the sun beats down, you lose more and more motivation for movement, and the same if true of Odissey. As it skews along for four and a half minutes, your interest in anything other than the song vanishes until all you can do is sit and listen to it on repeat. Again and again …



The second song, The Battle of Lausangeles, is a totally different beast! It’s much more abstract than Odissey. Spaced out drum rolls and guitar sonics open the proceedings, then all of a sudden it suddenly takes shape and a slow strutting funk rhythm appears. Think of the Miles Davis classic On the Corner and you’re on the right tracks, but more laid back. This pattern continues for just under seven minutes until it slowly potters out.



What Odissey and The Battle of Lausangeles show is that Charles Bronson Moustache Defenders can do it in the studio as well as live. The future is very bright for this jazz funk septet.













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