07/07/2016 – WERC-A2 (2016)

WERC’s debut EP for Bedlam Music could be the coolest thing released this year!



WERC’s debut EP for Bedlam Music, Framewerc, is cool. In fact it could be the coolest thing released this year. Its oozes machismo. Vibes effortless cool and gives off a blasé feeling that would make Zinedine Zidane feel uncomfortable. Basically it’s cool as!



“So how has WERC created an EP of this quality?” I can hear you ask. Well each track on Framewerc is made of multiple samples. Most of the samples are full samples, but cut up’s that have been manipulated, very similar to how William S. Burrows wrote The Nova Trilogy. A slight vocal line here, half a drum loop there and a vague feeling of bass and its done. Each track on Framewerc sticks to a certain genre and this feeling of cohesion really helps to win us over. Of course WERC isn’t just sampling, he’s adding his own loops and concoctions to the mix to create something that has the same feeling of familiar as a dream. You know where you are and who you are talking to, but everything is slightly skewed and lurid.



Stand out track is A2. On this track WERC samples classic, and (un)classic Hip-Hop. NWA rubs shoulders with ODB, to name a couple, while WERC himself layers loop upon loops to create a feeling my claustrophobia, the likes of we haven’t heard since Carl Crack’s debut. Is dense, confused, unyielding and very, very, very listenable!



Framewerc is the equivalent of meeting your hero and then having a pint with them, only to swap numbers/emails at the end and start up a lifelong friendship. Yeah, it’s that cool!













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