06/07/2016 – sealand-Holy Head (2016)

Post-Punk-Ambient-Dream-Pop outfit sealand show that Manchester’s still a hot-bed for emerging talent



Some people think the biggest announcement this year coming from Manchester was the Stone Roses releasing their first new material for twenty years. This turned out to be a massive damp squib, but the biggest announcement was Post-Punk-Ambient-Dream-Pop band sealand releasing their latest track Holy Head. No? Don’t believe us? Read on while listening to the link below.



On their previous track Vehicle they sounded like I Wanna Be Adored, but played by Scallys. Nothing wrong with this but it didn’t set our collective interests on fire. Holy Head on the other hand sounds like a totally different band! It slowly meanders and skews along not rushing where it needs to go, but at the same time there is an vibe of it not really know where it is going and it might all breakdown at any moment. This element of collapse keeps us on our toes.



When Holy Head gets fully underway, after its gentle intro, it sounds reminiscent of Spacemen 3, droney guitars, stream of consciousness vocals, but all grounded with a driving bass and ethereal keyboards. You know like Revolution or Hypnotized, but you know, less druggy.



sealand are band who know what they love and don’t care if you don’t. They’re trying something different and succeeding. They have an unrelenting belief and appear to want to do things on their terms. Its early days but this could be the musical resurrection that Manchester needs…













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  1. I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I have to admit, I am not necessarily familiar with the music you are discussing, but found your information interesting.

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