05/07/2016 – Mr David Viner-Plaza (2016)

Norfolk’s finest Mr. David Viner returns with first insight to new unreleased album



Mr. David Viner is a musician who has never really let everyone at thisyearinmusic down. Each album shows a marked progression from the one that came before. As he’s got older, and more confident in his song-writing abilities, Viner has been redefining acoustic-indie-blues. His dextrous finger picking and penchant for wistful lyricism, but all wrapped up in bedsit chic.



New song Plaza opens with a jaunty finger picked intro before Viner’s dulcet tones envelope us like a favourite towel after a bath. We’re warmed by his tones of love, rejection and redemption. This is Viner masterstroke. At first you think the lyrics are as upbeat as the music, but after a few listens you realise this is not the case.



As the years go on, Viner sounds more and more like Leonard Cohen. This is not a bad thing, as Viner’s songs are filled with pathos and tongue in cheek jokes. This is exemplified with the following lyric “And I stand before you soaked through and undressed, And I sing before you broken blind and blessed”. Given this is the only song off Viner’s next, and so far untitled and unreleased, album it’s hard to tell what the rest will be like, but let’s hope it’s as flawless as his 2004 classic This Boy Don’t Care.














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1 comment
  1. Anna Jeanine said:

    I like guitar music, and I really liked the guitar part of that song. Might have liked it better as an instrumental, though. 🙂

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