01/07/2016 – Winter This Year-9 Holes of Golf (2016)

Winter This Year channel the angst of being a teenager without the annoyance



The best thing about being an adult is that you are legal to do everything and no one call tell you what to do, well, kind of. This can be depressing when you realise that you’ll never be able to do anything underage again. You won’t be able to use a fake ID to get booze or cigarettes, if you are in to such things. However all is not lost, as New Jersey’s Winter This Year are at hand to remind you what it was like.



On their latest release, The Stuck in Jersey EP, it is chocked full of idiocentric lyrics and jittery guitars that make you yearn to be nineteen again. Lyrics like “I’m finally at a place, Where I don’t see so ashamed” and “I haven’t washed my hair for 7 days” bring it all back home. Plus the title is about something that I spent a lot of my youth doing, expect crazy prefixed the golf.



The B-Side Chestnut St. is as beautifully stark as the A-Side. The stand out lyric is “Today I turned nineteen, I lost my faith and I lost my footing”. This is also the opening lyric, but stay with it, as the rest are equally as bereft of cliché. Not to get all emotional and prophetic, when I turned nineteen I felt exactly the same, but luckily it didn’t last long.



I really hope that Winter This Year don’t ever grow up so I can re-live my past through their joyous, if not slightly biting, songs.













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