29/06/2016 – Happy Diving-Holy Ground (2016)

Happy Diving show us grunge ain’t dead with new single and forthcoming album



If you are expecting a song full of gospel charm and biblical references this might not be for you, but if you like your music loud, dirty, loud, pummelling, grungey, loud, raucous and, um, did I say loud? If you answered yes then you’ll love Happy Diving’s new single Holy Ground.



At just under two minutes it shows that the work on their 2014 debut, Big World, wasn’t wasted as it surpasses its finest moments. As caveman-esque riffs swirl round us, Matt Berry’s granite vocals cut through it and hit us where it hurts, our minds, until everything peels out in a slow blast of feedback and attitude.



Let’s hope that the rest of new album Electric Soul Unity is exciting and exhilarating as this slab of sludge rock majestry!



Electric Soul Unity is released on 19th August through Topshelf Records















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