27/06/2016 – Count-Nebula-Red Chino Shuffle (2016)

Texan electro band Count Nebula deliver the goods at the first time of asking!



Count-Nebula could be the most exciting new band out there at the moment. Mixing elements of indie, baggy, rock, electronica but with a marvellous pop sheen. Imagine Kasabian covering Visage while Feedle produces. It’s full of a bounce and vigour that is hard to ignore. If this had been released when I was a teenager and played in the indie-disco’s I frequented I would have been a very happy chap!



So far they have only released two songs, The Day You Remember and Red Chino Shuffle. As the latter’s name suggests, it’s about having fun and a dance, preferably in red trousers. Red Chino Shuffle opens with wonky synths, jittery vocals and a sense of fun seldom seen in contemporary music, then a huge beat kicks in, that conjures up the best dance pop singles from 1996’s, and the party is now underway! There is a playfulness that holds everything together and makes you realise that deep down Count—Nebula don’t really care if you like the music or not as they’re having the time of their lives.



We should be under no illusions that this is still early days for Count-Nebula, but given how good Red Chino Shuffle, and The Day You Remember are this is a band to get excited about. I mean, REALLY excited about!















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