26/06/2016 –Theater 1-Nero (2016)

Theater 1’s twelve month single project is complete



It’s been twelve months since Japanese juke and footwork producer Theater 1 started his single series. Each month he has released two new songs. These were generally about six minutes long and featured his trademark slow tempo skittering beats and industrial levels of bass.



New single Nero is no different. Cantering beats get things going in the right direction, while a liberal use of loops and re-loops makes it sound like your computer is glitching. There isn’t much variation, but that is the beauty of Theater 1’s work. The B-Side however takes on a more ambient vibe. At just over ten minutes long it’s the longest song Theater 1 has released. Slow maelstroms of synths and ricocheting beats engulf you, until its exquisite outro brings everything to a close.



What Theater 1 does now is anyone’s guess. Will he start another singles series or will be release a full length album? Whatever he does do it will definitely be forward thinking and exciting!















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