23/06/2016 – Torm-No Fear (2016)

When will Torm’s creative reservoir run dry?



This is getting silly now. For the last few month’s American producer †ORM has released just under fifty new songs. While that doesn’t sound like a great deal, let’s just think about that for a moment. Fifty songs in about four weeks, that’s roughly 12 new songs a week. That’s just under two a day! But this isn’t the most remarkable thing. Each song is a surging powerhouse of Gothic Electro.



Just like clockwork †ORM has released a new clutch of songs titled No Fear of Shadows. Contained under this banner songs called No Feat, You Can Kill Him and Like a Warrior showcase his perchance for devastatingly brutal song writing, but with genuine hooks and melodies that are hard to ignore. What separates No Fear of Shadows from his previous work are the drums.



In the past †ORM has been content to give us sturdy, but unchanging rhythms. It’s generally a standard 4/4 that is supporting gargantuan synths and keyboards that the only logical outcome is it all falls over under its girth. But what †ORM is showing us here is that he can use drums as well as anyone! Here they sound ‘live’ and chittering. Nowhere is this more prominent that on opening track No Fear. From thirty seconds in the drums are skittering and scattershot. Think of Portishead’s third album and you’re on the right lines. But this isn’t No Fear’s greatest moment though, not even close. On it †ORM sounds like Battles covering John Carpenter at his most prosaic. It’s poundingly visceral, but with a touch of humanity that is hard to avoid.



So where can †ORM go from here? Anywhere he damn well pleases!















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