22/06/2016 – Hieroglyphic Being-The Disco of Imhotep (2016)

Hieroglyphic Being mixes Sun Ra’s dense Afro-Centric rhythms, with disco fun to create something exciting yet intriguing



Since Jamal R. Moss, AKA Hieroglyphic Being, released The Fourth Dimension of Nubian Mystic on Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour in 2014 it’s been on a semi constant rotation. There is something about the mix of melody, emotional content, Afro-Centric themes and hard hitting techno that made it such a beguiling listen.



Now, two years later, Moss is returning to Technicolour to release the album The Disco of Imhotep. So far all that has been released is the title track. As the title suggests there is a slight disco vibe going on, but don’t worry, Moss’ trademark murky productions and incongruous rhythms keep you on your toes. This is something that needs to be played loud, possibly in a darkened room, full of sweaty people dancing.



But this is how Moss sees The Disco of Imhotep “It’s about creating Frequencies and Vibrations for the Listener that are conducive for him or her to Heal The Mind and Body and Enrich the Soul by creating Hemi-Synced Harmonies and music that contains embedded Binaural Beats. We have been made to believe that electronic sounds are just for Movement, Enlightenment, Primal Afflictions and Entertainment purposes, but it’s much more… It’s Sound Healing, but the ancestors would call it Frequency Medicine. Medicine is Healing and this project is dedicated to one of Earth’s first Healers: High Priest Imhotep. The One who comes in Peace, is with Peace.”



The Disco of Imhotep looks set to be one of the albums of the year, regardless of the genre, and will cement Moss even more an artist who doesn’t just challenge what music can and should be, but challenges himself by never phoning it in or treading water. I’ve really missed him!



The Disco of Imhotep is released through Technicolour on 5th August















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