21/06/2016 – Player Piano-Kings and Queens (2016)

Player Piano unveils a video that needs to be seen to be believed!



Naming yourself after a 1952 Kurt Vonnegut Jr. book about the deterioration of society due to automation was always going to ask questions and raise eyebrows. Luckily, however, Jeremy Radway AKA Player Piano layer their songs full of irony, sentimentality and devastating hooks to make you realise, like the book in question, that’s it’s all a bit of a sardonic joke.



Sounding like a psych pop cover of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, with David Byrne on vocals, Kings and Queens pulls you in and sucker punches you with melody after melody until you are left reeling in the corner and begging for mercy. However being duffed up by delicious pop songs sounds like a perfect afternoon to me. When you surrender to its skewed charm



But the star of the show is the video. Constructed from six thousand yes 6,000 chalk drawings and painstakingly put together by TJ Reynolds, it looks like nothing else this year, which is handy as that’s how it sound too! If seeing is believing then hearing is, well, convincing us of Reynolds’ talent.



In the Vonnegut’s novel the player piano represents that learning to play an instrument in your spare time is pointless as machines can do a ‘better’ job. Luckily for us this isn’t the case, just yet, and thanks to Reynolds’ dedication and devotion to his art we’ve got songs like these to enjoy and cherish.



Kings and Queens is out now while the album Radio Love is out on July 1st.















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