20/06/2016 – Dan the Human-Float (2016)

Bedsit troubadour returns with new EP



Last time we heard from Dan the Human he was just about to release his Part One EP. The music contained on that EP was full of “Exquisite languid melodies and enervated themes permeate this EP. Dreamlike vocals wash over you but jaunty guitar riffs keep you from drifting off into the ether.” Yup that’s what I said and I still stand by them!



Now he’s now released his first new material since Part One, one the subtly called Part Two EP. The main difference between Part One and Two is that Dan has still kept his lo-fi sensibilities, but he’s added a repetitive feel to the tracks. Simple guitar lines are repeated again and again and again. This isn’t because Dan is lazy, or has run out of things to say, but through repetition he gets his hammers home his ideas of how weird life can be. Each day we leave at the same time, go to the same place and do the same things all day, only to leave at the same time in the evening, go home and, in all probability, do the same things before going to bed at about the same time. This is exemplified on Float. Catchy guitar melodies wash over us, while he croons away.



The difference between the two EP’s is remarkable. While the music contains the same visceral elements that made Part One a vibrant and exciting listen, Dan has somehow managed to up the discordance in his vocals but keep it catchy as! Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait another ten months for Part Three!















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