18/06/2016 – Giant Swan-Earn (2016)

Giant Swan return to save us from torpidity and inane clever music



When I started writing this review, I went off on a tangent. Like most tangents it was flawed and after I’d finished, made a cuppa and started to re-read it I realised it had nothing to do with the Giant Swan new single Earn. So, like so many times before, I scrapped it. Then I started to re-assess what Giant Swan have released, because you know, that was the whole point in the first places.



If this is your first time listen to Giant Swan let’s get the introductions out of the way. Giant Swan are a duo from Bristol that make a form of electronic dance music that is more in-line with the original electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, CAN, Cabaret Voltaire and to a lesser degree Silver Apples, than with Charanjit Singh and Phuture. Through the use of synths, keyboards and circuit bent instruments they create swaths of mesmerising music that cut through the conventions of what is and isn’t acceptable. Earn shows us an alternative from the mainstream. They show us a place where is doesn’t matter if music sounds like a stream slowly undulating while abrasive breakbeats keep everything moving, and our attention with it, and on to the next part of the song. Giant Swan however don’t care if you like it or not. They aren’t bothered about reaching the masses and winning over the non-believers. They know their audience and make music tailor made for them.



Earn, for all its noise, glitches and breakbeats is nearly eight minutes of escapism. Escape from the rat race, escape from the hum drum, escape from our over thinking minds that question everything we hear and see to the point of it being meaningless. This is what Earn is, a collection of meaningless noises, melodies and rhythms that create a cohesive mass that when played at the right time has the ability to take you away from yourself for eight minutes. What could be better than that?















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