16/06/2016 – Soul of a Leader-Palm Pleasures (2016)

Soul of a Leader’s autobiographical lyrics and inventive composition make them an exciting prospect



Brighton is a hotbed for new bands at the moment. Just walking to the shops it feels like you are witnessing bands form and projects getting formulised. Another band adding their name to this list is Soul of a Leader. Technically they aren’t a Brighton band as most members are from Hull, but they are just finding their feet and in our book that makes them a BN band!



Their debut single Palm Pleasures offers a lot to get excited about. The massive opening riff gives you the impression that this is going to be a slice of generic faux angst indie rock, but as suddenly it started it stops and a melodic morality tales based song takes over. Basically it’s about vanity and sexual promiscuity in mod culture. And you thought it was just another boy meets girl tale, right? When the chorus kicks in all hell let’s lose again and the big riff is back. This pattern follows until an exquisite middle eight kicks in. The stand out moment of the song.



As this is Soul of a Leader’s debut single it shows a lot of promise. Interesting subject matter, inventive arrangements and enough swagger to make it stand out on a packed dancefloor. There are some negatives, mostly that the lyrics sounds muddy in the mix. Let’s hope this is just down to the recording and mixing and will be sorted on their next single, which rumour has will be out later in the year.















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