14/06/2016 – Odonis Odonis-Pencils (2016)

Odonis Odonis are about to unveil their sonic Sci-Fi nightmare



Toronto’s Odonis Odonis have become a fixture on the scene since their 2011 breakout Holandaze. Showing that you could seamless mix pulsating Sci-Fi synths, dance sensibilities and through provoking, almost opaque at time, lyrics. They follows that up in 2014 with Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, this was more of the same. Now they’re ready to unleash their third album Post Plague, but before they do, they’ve just released the single Pencils.



After an elongated introduction, the first thing you hear on Pencils is a tight drum beat. Sounding not that dissimilar to that of the Might Boosh’s Killeroo, then vocals drenched in echo fill the mix. Siren like synths then wash over us as a delicious warming female vocal juxtaposes the starkness of the music so far. The rest of the song follows this pattern until it slowly peters out at the end.



Lead singer Dean Tzenos explains their sound and current method of song-writing thus The time for half measures has passed. We need to be bold to make the changes needed to ward off an impending doom.  Enough of constant overanalysing and overthinking that has stopped progress. We need to look deep into the abyss and jump head first into the darkest substance ever known”



Post Plague continues the themes, and sounds, on Pencils and previous lead tracks Vanta Black, Needs and Nervous to create a stark but admiringly uplifting album.



Post Plague is released 17th June through Felte.















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